Each Crystal is programmed by Dr Dangel specifically for you using a technique that he has developed over the past 30 years.

My daughter, Puja Sharma, was born with Downs Syndrome 17 years ago here in Brisbane, Australia. I took her to see Dr George Dangel, Master Pranic Healer, two months ago, for a general healing, and he suggested she wear one of his specially programmed healing crystals for Downs Syndrome. We agreed to do so, and the following observations and changes have occurred in Puja since she started wearing the crystal pendant two months ago:

Firstly, we noted they were not small changes but BIG changes in her, e.g. Her memory has improved greatly, she remembers everything that is told to her, whereas before the crystal, she always forget things that were said to her. Her brother bought her a computer and she put in her own password, then when she went to use her computer the next time, she forget her password, but instantly remembered it again, something that she could never do before.

Another change that we have noticed is how much she talks, and sometimes we have to tell her to be quiet. This is a very big change in her, she is very open and talkative, not quiet and introverted as before.

She has also become the school captain, and the teachers are very amazed at her change in character, how open and friendly she has become. She can think for herself and look after herself, something that required help from her family before she started wearing the crystal.

Her computer skills have greatly increased, and this is the reason that her brother bought her a computer. She is now able to show her father how to do things on the computer, whereas before she had limited abilities on how to use computers.

My wife and I thank Dr George Dangel from the bottom of our hearts for the gift he has given our daughter, Puja, with this amazing healing crystal. He is truly a great and gifted Master Pranic Healer


We have sourced the highest quality crystals from around the world and are adding to the wide selection of different types as often as we can. At the moment we have

  • Green Agate
  • Semi Transparent Agate
  • Rose Quartz
  • Agate
  • Fancy Agate
  • Moss Agate
  • Brown Agate
  • Tourmaline

These crystals have all been selected to work the best with Dr Dagnal’s process of programming the crystals and have been found to have the the best results.

All you need to do is select the crystal that best resonates with you and on the product page select the aliment you would like Dr Dangel to program the crystal with. It’s that easy!