We will never forget our dear friend George, we will pray for him as he prayed for us.  We are honoured to have been a part of George’s life and family for 15 years, and have so many happy memories of times we shared, and George’s special healing.  We could never thank George enough.

Sonja & Nick from England , September 2017



By David Icke   June-12, 2000


I am in Australia at the moment and I have met the most phenomenal healer.  His name is Dr. George Dangel and in two visits he has transformed my health, which was failing due to the cumulative battering of constantly traveling year after year. He has also produced great improvements in my arthritis, which has plagued me since I was a teenager and says that with further visits it will disappear.   More than that I have watched him perform fantastic healings on people who were either written off by doctors or faced horrendous surgery and hospital bills. In just 15 minutes sometimes they walk out fine.

I have watched video testimonies, and met personally, people with snapped spinal cords who have got movement in their legs back; a man who was virtually blind who can now see better than he has for years and that treatment is continuing; a man with skin cancer all over his body who is now OK; a woman with advanced lung cancer who was so ill she had to be driven to George’s centre because she did not have the strength even to drive a car. After two visits she was driving herself and now her lungs are clear and she is fit and well. Not only that her damaged lung tissue has been restored.

These are not miracles, though they would appear to be. They are the expert use of the life force energy which some call Prana. The very knowledge the Illuminati has worked so hard to suppress.

George Dangel is a Senior Certified Panic Healer who has studied different healing techniques in Tibet, China, India, Philippines, Hawaii, and Tahiti, as well as training as a doctor in “conventional” medicine. Several years ago he began formal training under Pranic healing Grand Master, Choa Kok Sui, the originator of this technique, which is a combination of the most effective healing properties of many disciplines.

Pranic Healing, to quote its own literature: “scientifically utilizes the “prana” or life force readily available from the sun, air, and ground to heal physical and emotional imbalances. It requires no drugs, gadgets – not even physical contact with the subject. No physical contact is required because the practitioner is working on the bioplasmic or energy body and not directly on the physical body.”   I judge by results and what I experience and see, not by what people claim to be able to do. All I can say is that I have seen this work in the most extraordinary way and I want to give everyone the opportunity of seeing if it can help them.

David Icke (author, conspiracy researcher, public speaker)

James A Michener (author)