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Therapy using light and colour is an ancient tradition. Spectro-Chroma Therapy is Light and Colour projected on specific areas of the body, bringing the emotional and physical into balance.

Colour Energies have been shown to shift the balance of the autonomic nervous system, which energises every organ in the body. In terms of therapy, there is nothing more gentle yet effective and it produces very little side effects to negatively affect the user.

Spectrochromo Therapy

Can be used for

  • Mood elevation
  • Psychological disorders
  • Improvement in skin disorders
  • Vision
  • Bone health
  • Cosmetic treatments and more

Compounding this knowledge and more over the past 25 years is Dr George Dangel, master pranic healer and inventor of quite a few modalities which are in conjunction with pranic healing.  Whilst not the principal inventor of Spectro-Chroma light therapy, Dr Dangel wanted to create devices that could use these practices and be available in every home and every clinic across Australia.

Dr Dangel created 4 machines for various uses.

A hospital quality, aluminium bed which is used in Hospitals around the world. 

It features 8 light units and comes provided with the operation device, several unique filters (manufactured by Dr Dangel himself) and has the ability to cure over 1000 illnesses and disorders.

For smaller clinics who are looking into utilising spectrochromotherapy in their practices and may not have the room or the resources to have such a large healing device, there is a smaller portable version of this.  It also comes with all of the resources and equipment, including the light units and filters.

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Both of these devices are accompanied by Dr Dangel’s books.  Chromatherapy and the Chromatherapy works manual.  All of these are written with an introduction to Spectra-Chromatherpy and instructions for healing over 1018 illnesses.  All of the books are laid out with simple instructions and educational images.

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For those looking to have a spectrochromotherapy device in their homes, Dr Dangel has invented a mini version called the Baby Beamer.  It is also portable, and comes with all of the necessary equipment such as light units and filters, and a portable stand.  This devices is strongly recommended for mothers who are looking to heal Babies or Young children with certain aliments without the use of harsh chemicals.  The Baby Beamer also comes with an instructional manual, written with simple instructions and educational images so that everyone can use one at any time.


The last device also involves the Baby Beamer.  Women looking for skin treatments and Facelifts can utilise this machine without the need for nasty scars or harsh surgical operations.  Simply check out the manual, operate for 20 mins every couple of weeks and rejuvenate your skin as desired.

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