VHA83b – Flesh Burns – Green And Blue Prana

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This is to heal and immediately take out any burning sensation/pain of the area in question.

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Healing vibrations direct from Doctor Dangel have have been meticulously recorded in a world class recording studio using state of the art digital recording equipment. Soothing meditation music has been placed over the recorded vibrations to help with the healing process. Each Vibration Healing Program is targeted for a specific type of healing.

Listen to a sample of VHA83b – Flesh Burns – Green And Blue Prana

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1.
Take a deep breath through your nose and count 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Hold it for 2 seconds and then exhale through your mouth.  Do this 8 times in total.

Step 2.
Repeat this Mantra 3 times:

“I fear nothing in this world.  It is my world and I am in control of it.  I am the director of my life movie and I choose to be happy and grateful for everything that I have.

I am safe in my world, I am loved in my world and I am me.

I now bask in the unlimited opportunities offered to me by this world.  I am a magnet for success, for love, for prosperity, and perfect health.


Learn this off by heart and when you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about the problems of the world, push those thoughts away gently and just keep saying this mantra over and over again.

If you are listening to a particular healing track to get help for a specific illness add this to your Mantra:

I can feel the ……. being healed, I know I am being healed, I have no ……

Step 3.
Find a quiet place and listen to the healing sound tracks.  Be conscious of your breathing.  Be conscious and aware that you are being healed.

You can repeat this process a couple of times a day.  You are reprogramming your subconscious mind so depending on how much baggage you have there will determine how long it will take to help you.

In the case of the track that dispels bad energy in your house or room (called room and house cleansing) you can play the track on your device out loud in the centre of the house or room.

Enjoy the journey.

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