The Magic of Pranic Healing 8th Edition

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Here at last is the long-awaited, 8th edition of The Magic of Pranic Healing, the final pranic healing book by Master George Dangel.  It is a completely revised, comprehensive healing manual, just under 500 pages, containing the most complete resource on pranic energy healing available today.

Master George Dangel takes Pranic Energy Healing to a new level.  This final edition gives even more treatments and further techniques for those who wish to heal.  In addition to the many comprehensive healing techniques outlined in this book such as eliminating parasites, fungus and unwanted bacteria from the body, treatments to heal macular degeneration in one hour, bonding of spinal nerves and so much more, this 8th edition contains all of Master George’s new treatments at master level, as well as new companion ajna chakra treatments to assist you in your healing work.

Master George always acknowledged the work of his dear friend and mentor Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of modern Pranic Healing. It is the very principles that Master Choa taught that have always underpinned Master George Dangel’s work. They are integral to all of the treatments outlined in this book.

It was because of Master George Dangel’s deep love of all humanity that he spent his life developing treatments and other healing methods, to help those suffering from physical and psychological distress.  We worked hard to provide you with the most complete resource available today.  This book is his lasting legacy to the world.

Between Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the Guides, the Holy Masters and God, Master George was given a true gift that he fully developed, and now this gift is passed on to you.
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