Sensor Palm Mate

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Sensor Palm Mate

Kills harmful Viruses, Fungi,

Parasites and their Eggs

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The Sensor Palm Mate, created by Dr George Dangel, was designed to rid his clients of parasitic infestations and other harmful pathogens that were severely impacting their health, removing many viruses, fungi, and parasites. These are known to be the root cause of over ninety percent (90%) of a number of diseases known to man

How do we really get sick?

A healthy person maintains a body pH of around 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. Unfortunately our modern diet tends to be very acid forming and this reduces our intracellular pH level. This fact explains why harmful pathogens are so prevalent. They cannot live in a pH environment of 7.2 – 7.4.  They require a more acid environment for their breeding purpose.

Parasites produce various toxic by-products e.g. ammonia. This can lead to allergic reactions and other chronic conditions through cellular dysfunction.  As the Sensor Palm Mate uses low frequencies, you can easily kill the parasites (and their eggs), viruses, and fungi that are currently harbouring in your body.

The Sensor Palm Mate also breaks the reproductive chain of these harmful pathogens, allowing the human body to recover its health and vitality.

The Sensor Palm Mate is safe to use on CHILDREN and ANIMALS.

Follow the directions exactly and you will eventually be free of all harmful parasites. Parasites are easily contracted from pets and contaminated food and water.

 Pathogens, parasites and pollution

Everything living in and on you that takes its food from your body is called a parasite.  The worst parasite is the Fasciolopsis Buski, a large fluke that infests the human small intestine.

Symptoms of intestinal flukes

People may develop very different physical symptoms due to the type of pathogen that has infested their body.  Some may experience the following symptoms, whilst other people suffer less defined symptoms but with depleted energy.

  • Abdominal pain. Once contaminated, liver flukes move from the intestines to the liver.
  • Nausea, diarrhoea, and vomiting. This can be due to intestinal blockages.
  • Gas or bloating
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Hives
  • Fever
  • Malaise which can be a result of anaemia

How to prevent re-infestation by parasites or other viral or fungal infestations

  • Regular handwashing whilst preparing foods or after the bathroom.
  • Thoroughly cook meat, fish or poultry.
  • Always wash or peel raw fruit and vegetables.
  • Don’t allow pets to lick your face and always hand wash after contact with your animals.

However, living in the 21st century means that there is regular exposure to harmful pathogens of various types.  If you are exposed, just use your Sensor Palm Mate to kill off these pathogens so that you can get on with life and maintain your health.


1.I am just writing to say thank you.  I am feeling so much better since using the Palm Mate.  My asthma hasimproved so much and my headaches are 100% better than they were.  Thank you again.  I have a friend who is using one and it is helping with her macular degeneration.  She is slowly seeing an improvement in her eyesight and that is just wonderful.  Thank you, M R, Bundaberg.

 2. The other day we received a testimonial from a gentleman who happily reported that the fungal problem on his toenails has cleared up; the flu he suffered cleared up with no side effects after two days; this was just by using the palm mate two to three times a day for a few days. He was truly AMAZED.   CE, 20/7/16.


3. I have been sick in to stomach area with pain 24/7 for over 2 years upon going to see George once he let me borrow His Palm Mate for 14 days well after 2 days my pain started to change another doctor I went to told me I was Dairy and Gluten Free since using the SPM I eat pretty much everything again without the abdominal pain. I seriously cant thank you enough George you are truly a wonder and an amazing healer so glad I found you.  Cheers Mandy.

4. I’ve been circulating the Palm Mate you sent me for a while now in PNG and locally among friends and family and although we have now medical confirmation of the results with dengue or malaria, it has had astounding success on pain management and general well-being. My friend Colin is on daily dosages of pain medication and can usually only play golf in a motorised cart, but for the 2 weeks he trailed the Palm Mate he stopped taking medication and played a 4 day golf tournament in which he walked and pulled his golf buggy. Pretty amazing. Currently in PNG, by father and mother-in-law have been using it and they swear by it. He is diabetic and has a bit of rheumatism in his joints and was pretty much house bound until we sent him the palm mate. He is now out and about and moving freely and revitalised.

5. This is a great leap forward in me regaining my health. It has been a long ride but by eliminating all of the parasites from my body I can now focus on building up all of my physical body systems that were being compromised by these parasites. I certainly have more energy than I had previously, and I look forward to better times ahead. With thanks and love, C Feely

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