Natural Healing Therapies for Domestic Pets 2nd Edition

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Here at last is the 2021, 2nd edition of Natural Healing Therapies for Domestic Pets. You will find demonstrated in this 443 page book, Dr Dangel’s vast knowledge and experience in helping the animal kingdom. With more people now owning domestic pets, and veterinary bills higher than ever, Dr Dangel teaches us how to heal pets and domestic animals of all kinds.
Animals, in common with all other living beings, have a chakra system. This system is a complex network of spinning energy vortices (often called ‘petals” in eastern traditions) which run throughout the entire body. Universal energy (prana, chi, ki) flows in and out of the chakras, along the meridian system, into the aura and then finally into the physical body. The energy flows two ways – inward and outward. Therefore, every thought, action and emotion affects the chakras and is mirrored in the aura. Likewise, external stimuli, both positive and negative, have an effect on the chakras and leave their mark in the aura (including physical injuries). This is the same for animals and humans alike.
This book gives instruction on several different healing modalities and gives a thorough understanding of the chakra system of different animals. It is a must for any animal healer or interested pet owner.
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