eBook – Loves Passionate Pain

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A eBook of poetry written by Doctor George Dangel. This book contains 96 poems and is downloadable in PDF format.

Download a sample chapter here.

A note from the author.

A Dreamer, a Writer, a Poet, a Pilot, an Actor, a Doctor, an Aristocrat, a Friend, a Husband, a Father, almost a Mother, a Reverend, an Architect, a Hotelier, a Restauranteur, a Friend of Kings and Queens and Actors as well as Singers, a Master Healer, a Teacher, a Student, a Lecturer, a Doctor of Metaphysics, a Doctor of Pastoral Para-Psychotherapy, a Doctor of Spiritual Healing, an Exorcist, a Doctor of Philosophy of Parapsychology, a Master Zenith Healer, a Doctor of Divinity… phewww.
A man for all seasons, I have done almost everything that a man dreams of and have lived through it all! Having returned to my country of birth I discovered that bravery, chivalry and pride run in the men in my family. But that’s not all. A line of extreme romantics run in the genes of my birthright. To a wounded hero may he fly again.






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