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Researched and composed by Dr George Dangel, Master Pranic Healer, on Parasitiology. It is common medical knowledge that 83% of all illnesses are the result of contamination of parasites within the human body. We pick them up everywhere from the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink and the common touch with our fellow human beings. Everything has an evolution, including these little guys that make their home in our bodies.

From parasites they evolve into viruses, from viruses to bacteria. The chain reaction is endless. In most medical treatments the healer or physician thinks only of the symptoms, but not of the cause. The healer or physician could give medication or treatment to subdue the pain or the symptoms but not cure the problem. The problem is the living parasites or viruses that are within our bodies to regenerate, regroup, re-multiply again and again, until such time as life ceases. I have composed in this book a system to destroy these pathogens, viruses, fungus and parasites by the means of a micro-electrical current, by the use of a frequency generator.

In this book there is an article on frequency generators which you can purchase online or in the place of your residency, no matter what country. It is preferable to suggest to you to use a battery operated machine due to the fact that any electrical machine can short circuit and may be fatal to the person that you are healing. In this book you will find that the name of the parasite, pathogen, virus or fungus is stated by the name e.g. Loaloa with a mortal frequency of 361 mhz. The living vibration, or life vibrational energy of this parasite does not fluctuate, it vibrates on 360.55 mhz, but dies at 361 mhz, so you get the problem analysed with a parasitiologist and then according to what the parasitiologist has told you, look it up in my book and then give it a mortal electrical shock for five minutes. Another parasite which causes tumors is called Onchocerca Volvulus, which vibrates at an energy 436.3 mhz and 442.1 mhz, but will die at 440 mhz.

I hope this explains it. Now you must work with a qualified parasitiologist, a medical practitioner, for he/she to be able to analyse what is the person’s problem. Most of the information in this book is straightforward. If there are any queries, or any misunderstandings, I would dearly like to hear from you to help you.

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