eBook – Crystal Healing

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This dedication is to the three people that helped me compile this book and information throughout the years of my learning in the arts of healing. First, this book is dedicated to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the foundation of all my knowledge, and the desire to help others unselfishly. Second, but not any lesser admiration, is to his wife Charlotte, that ever since the Grand Master’s passing, she has shouldered the load of jealously, hatred, and other human egos and carried on with his work regardless. A special admiration goes to this wonderful lady. And last, but not least, this dedication is to my wonderful wife, Baroness Maria Concetta Von Dangel, an angel of a woman that has stood beside me through health and in sickness, in richer or poorer. This woman is a saint, and I am so proud that she is alongside of me helping me through the days of toil and tribulations in helping others. A special thank you. Baron Doctor George Von Dangel Master Pranic Healer

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