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Tonation. Shining a Spectro-Chrome Color on a body, or a part of the body, is called a TONATION; you TONATE with a Color. A tonation is normally one Color on a given area (or areas) for one hour, at a Forecast time when possible. When you are instructed to tonate both front and back areas, eg., #4-5-18, it means this: tonate areas#4 and 5 (front areas) at one tonation and areas #18 (a back area) at another tonation. When instructed to tonate two or more Colors, one Color is tonated for one hour and, at a later Forecast time, the next Color is tonated, and so on. COLORS. The original Spectro-Chrome system used five matched glass slides (filters which were not monochromes) to produce 12 Colors. Dinshah used the phrase Attuned Colors to differentiate them from filters which appeared to be the same but where not necessarily correct Color shades for Spectro-Chome use.

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