eBook – Baby Beamer – Light Therapy For All Ages

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Color as a therapeutic agent has had little recognition from the medical fraternity but is well known and extensively used outside the profession. Electricity, light and color are known to man through the medium of the ether which pervades him as well as all the rest of matter. Just as he has drawn to himself from the matter of the universe a portion of it to form his physical body, so he uses a portion of the universal ether to form his etheric body. He is not, however, conscious of countless vibratory ways in the ether but these nevertheless have an affect upon him. That the finer vibrations in nature are of value in attacking disease has been realized by the homeopaths who work with minute doses. In electrotherapy it is also found that small doses are more effective. Even medicine is coming to recognize the mental and emotional aspects of illnesses and is attempting to treat them as well as the physical. Color influences all of them, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and can thus be used to affect the complete harmony which means perfect health.

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